take the A train to harlem, by duke ellington & billy strayhorn

you must take the A train
to go to sugar hill way up in harlem

if you miss the A train
you'll find you missed the quickest way to harlem

hurry, get on, now it's coming
listen to those rails a-humming

all aboard, get on the A train
soon you will be on sugar hill in harlem
the kids in cliff bowen's 1st grade class study langston hughes, duke ellington and other greats from the harlem renaissance.   the curriculum finishes with a tour of the apollo theater by mr. apollo himself and a chance to perform for their very ownamateur night at the apollo.
by noah galkin, age 6
by sara (me) & noah galkin, age 6
this is my son's illustration based on his interpretation of my people by langston hughes

the night is beautiful,
so the faces of my people.
the stars are beautiful,
so the eyes of my people.
beautiful, also, is the sun.
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